Raisin Bread with FrostingEARLY BIRD BAKING teaches the viewer how to make a variety of breakfast baked goods by hand or with a bread machine. The viewer learns how fast and easy it is to bake at home. No previous baking experience is required. Yeast, baking powder and baking soda are used as leavening agents. EARLY BIRD BAKING has five segments and runs two hours in length. It's a fun DVD.

In segment one, Sweet Rolls are made by hand using active dry yeast. The yeast is soaked in water at 110 degrees. A candy thermometer is used to measure the temperature of the water. The process is shown from start to finish. This segment teaches the viewer the basics of making sweet dough.

Segment two, Raisin Bread is made using a bread machine. Again, the complete process is shown giving the viewer a full understanding of the operation of bread machines. The yeast is soaked and visually "proofed." The logic of the order which ingredients are added is explained. The viewer is taught how to add just the right amount of flour by feel.

Segment three, Sticky Buns/Honey Buns, the dough is made in a bread machine. Recipes are given for molasses and honey-based syrups. Shapes produced by cutting the buns in different ways are demonstrated. Cookie sheets and large muffin pans are used for baking. Segment four, Muffins, makes blueberry, chocolate, banana nut and bran muffins. The recipes produce restaurant quality muffins. When to use baking powder vs. baking soda is discussed. Butter milk, large blue berries, unsweetened chocolate, ripe bananas and other premium ingredients are used. People who buy muffins regularly can now make them at home quickly and inexpensively. Segment five, Coffee Cake, makes an almond coffee cake. The viewer is exposed to one of many quick breads that can be made at home in a matter of minutes.

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Early Bird Baking DVD

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