Gourmet Pizza with sliced tomatoesPUBLIC PIZZA has three segments and runs 52 minutes in length. No prior experience making pizza is required. Segment one makes a pizza by hand. The process is shown from start to finish giving a wealth of background information on baking. Tips are given on how and where to buy ingredients. A zesty recipe for homemade sauce is used. How to bake the pizza to get the crust desired is shown in detail. This secret makes the difference between a good and a great pizza.

Segment two makes a pizza in a bread machine using active dry yeast. The process is fast and simple. The viewer learns in what order to put ingredients into the machine and how much flour is enough. PUBLIC PIZZA stresses the "what is going on and why."

Segment three makes a gourmet pizza in a bread machine using instant yeast. A flat dark beer is used as the liquid. Fresh crushed garlic, cornmeal, sesame seeds and a variety of toppings, including sliced tomatoes are used. All segments of the DVD are self contained. PUBLIC PIZZA is three DVD's in one.

(DDS - Cataloging Information/Call Number DVD/VC 641.824 V65r)

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Public Pizza DVD

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