Bread MachineVIDEO BREAD MACHINES answers the question you have been asking - what else can I do with my bread machine? Another book of recipes for bread machines is not the answer. People have become bored with the generic shape and texture of loaves produced by bread machines - no matter what ingredients are used to flavor the bread. There is so much more that can be done with a bread machine. That is what VIDEO BREAD MACHINES is all about.

I am an avid bread baker and have been teaching people how to bake bread for years. My first DVD, VIDEO BREAD, is the most popular instructional DVD on bread baking in public libraries in the U.S. and Canada. Today, I use a bread machine exclusively and can't remember the last time I made a loaf of bread by hand. My bread machine is a tool. The bread machine does the work of bread baking for me. The bread machine does the mixing and the kneading, dough goes through its first rising in the bread machine, then, baking is done in the oven. The baking function of bread "baking" machines is only a convenience for busy people. It is an option used by people when they first buy a bread machine. After watching VIDEO BREAD MACHINES the viewer will be aware of a whole new world of bread baking using a bread machine.

VIDEO BREAD MACHINES has eleven segments and is two hours in length. Segments one through three teach the viewer the fundamentals of making dough in a bread machine. White Bread, Stone-Ground Whole Wheat Bread and Caraway Rye Bread are made. Techniques for using both active dry yeast and instant yeast are demonstrated. The viewer is given an understanding of the logical order of adding the wet and dry ingredients. A simple technique is given so that just the right amount of flour is used in any dough with any flour in any bread machine.

The remaining eight segments are stand alone projects. Each segment teaches the viewer more about bread baking. In segment four we make Sticky Buns - great family fun for breakfast. Segment five, Pizza - fast and easy in your oven, includes a sauce recipe that can be used for spaghetti. Segment six, Hearty & Healthy - half a dozen loaves using multiple grains are made. Honey, molasses, coffee and baker's chocolate are used to color the loaves. The nutritional value of the loaves is enhanced by fortification with wheat germ, wheat bran, oat bran, etc. Segment seven, Shapes & Crust - French bread, Italian bread, braided bread, free form loaves, buns, and rolls are made. The crust is treated with egg wash, corn starch, cold water spray and steam in the oven. Segment eight, Sourdough - A starter is made from scratch and a free form loaf of sourdough is made. A technique is given to make any recipe in the DVD a sourdough recipe using a bread machine. Segment nine, Soft Pretzels - More family fun made easy with a bread machine. Segment ten, Other Machines - An antique bread machine, a mixing machine and a pasta machine are shown. Segment eleven, Narrative, Cost/Source & Summary - Viewer is told how to find and buy from food brokers, wholesalers and distributors. DVD is summed up and points are added that were not previously addressed.

(DDS - Cataloging Information/Call Number DVD/VC 641.815 V65r)

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Video Bread Machines DVD

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