VIDEO PIZZA - How to Make Pizza at Home (25min DVD)

        VIDEO PIZZA runs twenty-five minutes in length and is great family fun.  Kids love pizza and really enjoy learning how to make their own pizza.  The viewer learns how to get a pizza in the oven from scratch, starting with the flour, in just twenty minutes for less than two dollars. It is fast because you don't need to go through a rising with pizza dough. We are not making bread. There is no rising at all. Just make the dough and push it right out on the pan.

        VIDEO PIZZA also teaches you how to make a zesty pizza sauce and garlic bread. A double batch of dough is used to make two loaves of Italian bread on the side. The bread is baked, sliced diagonally, buttered on both sides, sprinkled with garlic salt, wrapped in tin foil and popped in the freezer to have at a later date with spaghetti.

        VIDEO PIZZA is simplistic and great for children. VIDEO PIZZA is fun for the whole family. VIDEO PIZZA - How to Make Pizza at Home has been viewed by thousands and thousands of people worldwide. 

(DDS - Cataloging Information/Call Numbers DVD/VC 641.824 V65r)

Video Pizza - Pizza Close-up

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Video Pizza DVD

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