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Reviewed by - Library Journal

Copy_of_vp2k2.jpg            For Library Journal, Sheila S. Inter, GILS, Simmons Coll., Boston, writes:

            "Do you like pizza? Do you long to make it at home but fear the result will be a big mess - not even as good as the dull stuff you get from your supermarket freezer?   This DVD is for you!  Steve Ryan furnishes a simple but excellent lecture-demonstration on pizza-making, complete with the little hints that prevent failure.  He takes his time demonstrating preparation of the dough and also discusses different combinations of toppings and cheeses, freezing techniques, and the alternative of using part of the dough for garlic bread.  He suggests ways to save time, by using canned tomato sauce and spice mixes, and money by buying ingredients in bulk, and explains the value of different pans (although he says no special pan is necessary) and advises ways to obtain them at minimal cost."

            Ms. Inter concludes, "Ryan knows his pizza and is skillful at imparting his knowledge.  Recommended for public libraries and school library media centers in elementary and secondary schools.


Reviewed by - Booklist

vp2k6.bmp (230454 bytes)            For Booklist, Jeff Dick writes : 

            Video Pizza 2000 - "Showing viewers how to get a 'from-scratch' pizza (with two-bucks' worth of ingredients) in the oven within 20 minutes is the goal of this culinary-instruction program.  Beginning with homemade crust preparation, a genial and effective chef shows how to 'make it how you like it - better than the pros' in clearly demonstrated steps.  Close-ups are carefully used for emphasis and visual variety, while graphics list the necessary ingredients and cooking utensils.   The need to knead is stressed, and a lesson on making garlic bread from unused dough is also provided.  Made to order for pizza-loving cooks who have the time and inclination to make their own pies."



VIDEO BREAD 101 - Introduction to Bread Baking

(3/08/2021 First email feedback from new series!)

Hi Steve,

I want to compliment you on your Video Bread 101. I am now successfully baking bread! Your approach is very easy to follow and understand.
I had purchased another online class but was not having luck with it. I got a refund and tried yours! I am looking forward to trying another title of yours!
Someday I want to try sourdough, and your Pizza DVD looks very intriguing too.

Thank you,

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Patron Letters (Current)

December 5. 2014

Hello:  I just want to thank you. Years ago (1995?) I purchased video bread on VCR tapes. I made bread 4 times a week for my family. When the DVD player became popular i replaced the tapes with them.
My children are grown now and have children of their own. They still talk about the fresh bread they would come home from school to find. Now they would like me to teach their wives bread making! So their children feel the same warmth and experience the wonderful smell of fresh bread when they are growing up. Without even knowing I was doing it (with your help of course) I have started a tradition in our family. Thank you! From my heart for making that happen.

September15, 2014 (patron feedback)

I rented video pizza 2000 from the Ann Arbor district library. I have made a lot of recipes from online and this video blew them out of the water. I'm really excited to make a vegan pizza with your instructions and I can't wait to rent the rest of your videos. If there are any missing from our library then I will be sure to recommend the rest of them. Thanks!

Carmen xxxxxx

September 3, 2014

I just want to say "WOW"!  I just LOVE your videos!  I have not even watched all of them yet, but these videos are just GREAT!  I have been a bread baker off and on, but moved and started living in a travel trailer and have not made a good loaf of bread since my move.  After watching the first video in the series and getting half-way through the Early Bird Baking, I am so excited to try your recipes and methods to get back to cooking bread again.  We have been buying homemade bread from ladies for up to $5 a loaf!  You are not only very professional, but extremely detailed and entertaining too!  I am SO glad that I took you up on your offer!  I can't wait to go to the website and check it out, too!  (BTW - my husband also watched the videos with me, and he completely agrees with all of my statements above!!)  ....and I really can't wait to start recommending these videos to our library patrons - I am positive they will be a HIT!

Marcia (aka Mrs. Cowboy)

(Middle TN public library. We LOVE your videos!
BTW - feel free to use my review if you want...)


My name is ****, I baked for many years commercially in the Marine Corp, ***, *******, bakeries and retirement homes. I was pretty good in what I did. I also am a good cook! But needless to say even though I made recipes for anywhere from 100 to 500 portions and know how to convert a recipe  up & down I never really did any major baking at home, except cakes & cookies. Besides, when I did bake, it ended up to be enough to feed an Army (or Marines) in my case!!

I only baked bread that didn't involve yeast & was never able to have my homemade cinnamon rolls come out to my satisfaction! Then as you already may know, I purchased your video bread DVDs and wow! What a wake up I had! Just realizing the fact to adding more yeast to the recipe would make up that much difference. I have had 2 tongue cancer operations since 2007 and have had over 13 centimeters of my tongue removed!  I now can only eat pureed foods & really don't have any taste buds any more, so I became very depressed. Well I got tired of that, and my self pity, that I decided to do something about it. My success in my food service experience is the fact that I follow the recipes. I baked 2 loaves of your white bread recipe & my wife & family loved it, So my wife asked me to make cinnamon rolls for her work, They to came out perfect! I ended up with 42 rolls out of that recipe! Not 48, Oh well. I want to thank you for getting me back on track.

But the main reason I am writing you, besides thanking you, is to ask for more bread recipes, including the most important sour dough recipe, but mostly the sour dough starter recipe! Also the best way to keep and store the breads & sweet breads I make, that I don't give away. Again, Thank you very much! and looking forward to hear from you.



LOVE YOUR VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!11:

I'll be 50 come this summer.  I have tried countless times over the years to make bread.  With your ability to TEACH I just finished making my first PERFECT loaf of bread.

 I can't tell you how much it means to me to have found the PERFECT teacher.  Know what synched it for me?  the way you describe the dough asking for more flour.  OMG, you have no idea how that one thing has empowered me as a future baker.  Oh, and just as important was your covering the yeast and how the problem is probably not enough!!!!  Woo hoo!!!!!!

 I've been baking bread for two solid weeks determined not to give up this time.  I'm afraid I was at the end of my rope and ready to give up until I watched your video.  Had I not watched it, I probably would have eventually given up.  I watched it at least five times before I started baking.  I'm glad I did, because once you start you have all kinds of questions that need to be answered, RIGHT THEN, before you put it into the oven.

 Glad you mentioned different climates render different results, but mostly glad you allowed for that in your teaching.  what a relief!   

 Thanks a million!




Hi Steve,  You da Man!!!!:

 My wife and I are so glad you put this info on DVD.  I've tried to bake bread in the past and only been marginally successful.  The very first time I tried going by your instructions making a sponge, the oven temp, and other information, it yielded us the BEST bread ever! 

 Coming from an Italian neighborhood on the west side of Chicago, we were spoiled by great, crusty, fresh, soft on the inside, flavorful breads and pizza.  There is no doubt they were good and still are BUT the bread I made using just some of your concepts paid off extremely well for us both taste-wise (excellent) and money-wise (which we now have to be VERY watchful of).  The last time we bought a large loaf (about the same size as the loaf I made today) it cost over $6!!  C'mon!  How can anyone pay that much for a loaf of bread even on an infrequent basis. 

 Tomorrow (the starter, a double batch this time, has been working since 10 a.m.) I'm making bread for our little neighborhood New Year's Eve gathering at our house.  Your bread will be used both as "bread" and as the base for the turkey dressing or stuffing whatever you call it as well.  So I thought I'd try incorporating some sautéed onion, rosemary, sage etc., into the loaf for the stuffing and have the other one more like what we had today.  Superb-o-mento my friend!

 I don't have any dark bottomed bread pans but I thought I'd try using my trusty cast iron Dutch Oven tomorrow and see what kind of results that gets--I'll deflect the heat from the bottom so it doesn't burn the bread's bottom crust. 

 Steve, you sure have made saving money, eating MUCH better bread and having fun doing it a whole lot of fun.  You can bet that on New Year's Eve we'll be telling the neighbors exactly WHY the bread they'll be telling us, "Tastes better than anything we've ever had before," does.  

 Really, really amazed what happened.  I don't think we could even buy bread that good.  We'll certainly tell and teach others.

 You're something else and have contributed in a very positive way to this world--and with Santa running this year with only about 3.3 reindeer and a light load, what you've done is quite important.  

 Greg XXXXX    

Hi Steve,
I started baking bread when I retired about 8 years ago.  Bought a lot of books and videos and the like.  Most of them worked pretty well.  And most of them required 2 to 3 days to make bread.
To be honest, I can't remember where I came across your videos, but am glad I did.  I lose track of time anymore, but think it was several months ago I purchased them.
Of all the books and recipes I've accumulated, your method has become the workhorse in "my bakery".  Both my wife and I thoroughly enjoy the bread using your method and it doesn't take three days.  Just this morning my wife mentioned she was going to visit one of her artist friends and wondered if I could bake some bread for her to take along.  So I made two loaves of the basic white bread and added 1/2 cup of toasted sunflower seeds to it.  That has become one of our favorites and it makes the best toast ever.
Anyway, thanks again for your great video lessons.  They're much appreciated by us and our friends in Phoenix, AZ.


Hi,  I have only recently begun to bake bread at home.  I have found your site and the advice so useful and would just like to thank you for the detailed hints and tips you have prepared for this site.  I live in London and have yet to find the best way to buy flour but have found that good organic stone ground flowers,  though pricey,  work very well.  Your advice has been the best of all the websites I have looked at.  You clearly love baking bread and it is always great to come across such experience and enthusiasm.  
All the best and thank you again, 
A*** H**** London. 

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