The Baker is the Artisan not the Bread

It takes years of practice and a lot of trial and error to become an artisan baker. Video Bread Artisan shows tricks, tips and secrets of the craft that have taken me more than thirty years to perfect. My first bread baking instructional video, Video Bread, was made in 1990.

I have been teaching people to bake bread ever since. Video Bread Artisan is a cooking class that you take at home, in your kitchen, in your spare time and at your own pace. Advanced baking concepts are demonstrated.

Video Bread Artisan makes cranberry walnut bread. Perfect for toast to complement a hearty breakfast. Marbled rye that uses non flavored caramel coloring and ground caraway. Medieval rye. Three batches of dough are braided and then formed into a loaf on a fifteen-inch deep dish pizza pan. The loaf looks like something out of the middle ages. Itís huge!

Learn to treat the crust in different ways. How to get crispy crust, thick and chewy or soft crust. How to get an artisan crust using your home oven. To top that, a chocolate bread is made. A big hit at potlucks.

Finally, sourdough bread is made. The process is explained in detail. Then, food coloring is used in dough and different shapes are made for a great kidís project. It is never too soon to interest children in baking.

Continue your quest to become an artisan baker. There is always more to learn.

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Better bread baking starts with Video Bread. The recipe for success!